I am born of God
Because I’ve believed Jesus the Christ
God is my Father now
I have been cleansed by the blood
The blood of Jesus
I have become his righteousness
I am bold before the Father
I’m a Son of God now
I’m a Son of God!

The life of God is in me now
The same nature of the Father, I have
I have passed from death to life
I am in Christ.

Sin has no hold on me
Death has no power over me
I have received the remission of sins
I have the forgiveness of sins
I’m now full of the God-life
Eternal life
Life that will never come to an end
There will never arise a time I’ll be referred to as dead

I am saved, once and for all
I have been perfected by the one sacrifice
Jesus Christ the Lord
I’m convinced of my salvation
I know, I am saved once and for all
I have no doubt about what the Savior did for me

I have the Spirit of God
I have received the indwelling of the Spirit
I’m one Spirit with the Lord
I am a spiritual man
I actively participate in the things of the Spirit
I know the things of the Spirit
I know how to do the things of the Spirit

I can see clearly
I can hear audibly
I can cause things to happen by power
My perception and communication of the things of the Spirit is effective
I refuse to be ignorant of the things of the Spirit
Rather I’m aware of the facts
And I’m intelligent with the things of and that pertain to the Spirit

The gifts of the Spirit
They are my tools for ministry
I can function in them well
I’m not deficient in any area
I can only get more precise
I have been equipped to bless
Therefore I can bless every man I need to and want to bless
I can have all the demonstrations of the Spirit and of power.

I speak with tongues
I prophesy
I heal the sick
I raise the dead
I cast out demons
In all boldness, I exercise my authority
I do the works of Jesus
That’s my nature
The very essence of Christ is in me now

I’m a man of prayer
I give myself to prayer, in tongues
I endeavor to appreciate my relationship with God in prayer
I pray and continue to pray
I discipline myself to pray
I can pray therefore I practice prayer
I don’t give in to bad or worthless situations or conditions
I don’t dwell within an ugly mood or maintain a disposition of poor quality
I don’t respond badly in things
My response to things spiritual is joyful, good and immediate

I give thought and study to the Word
I have the capacity to hear as I ought to, understand and retain the Word in my mind
I refuse to get weary in learning
I take responsibility to renew my mind daily
I take responsibility for my spiritual growth
I humbly submit to ministry done towards me that I may grow in the knowledge of Christ and get trained unto ministry

I am blessed
Spiritually, I’m blessed
Mentally, blessed
Bodily, blessed
Materially, blessed
Financially blessed

I have a sane and a sound mind
My mental faculties are sharp and able to process information accurately
I walk in wisdom
I do well in my academics, career, business, and my social life

I am healed in my body
I am whole in my body
I refuse to get sick
Jesus gave me the authority over sicknesses, diseases, and infirmities
None of these have a rightful place in my body
My body is the temple of God
My body is Holy
My body is acceptable unto God
There is nothing wrong with my body
I refuse to associate any evil with my body

Wealth is mine
I’m entitled to wealth on this earth
I have the capacity to make wealth
I know what to do to make wealth
I am rich
I have no sense of unworthiness to receive and enjoy wealth
I am blessed materially
I am blessed financially
I have money to spend and give
I’m a giver
There’s no fear in me
I support the work of the gospel with my giving
I give to the needs of my church
I give to people as there is need
I know I’m blessed
I’m blessed!

God supplies my need according to His riches in glory by Christ
God makes every favour and earthly blessing come to me in abundance
I’m sufficient in all good things

I am faithful in character
I’m a good steward
I’m dependable and reliable
I serve God in the gospel of His Son
I serve the body of Christ
I serve my local assembly
I serve my leaders dutifully
I’m useful to my church, family, and mankind
I seek to ensure others are better and not just my own.