Partners forum

The Partners Forum of The Identification Church is put together to have a group of people who are committed to this ministry and are regular or monthly contributors to the support of the Church, financially and other necessary areas needed.

In this forum, everyone who is a part is a partner in every sense of the word, and expected to firstly be believers in the mandate of this ministry and what we stand for, and also purpose in the heart what definite level of financial commitment or what level of support they intend to make and yet consistently do so.

The mandate of The Identification Church is to raise men in the knowledge of Christ that they may come to a full grasp of all that God has accomplished in Christ for man, and to attain to the fullness of the stature that is in Jesus in all things.

We are therefore committed to preaching, teaching and raising men in the knowledge of the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ in every place men reside, making disciples of the Gospel in all world.

The work of the Gospel will be much fruitful anywhere in the world where there are men who constantly give their full support to the work.

Our mandate as a church is only possible when there are certain men who offer continued support in strong allegiance to see to it that the Church and its mandate will never lack the resources required per time.

On this note, I welcome you to this partnership forum, and look forward to us working together for decades upon decades.

And it is my prayer that you continually abound in this good work, God making every favour and earthly blessing come to you in abundance!

That you continually value the work of God and spiritual things ministered to you; that you give yourself to the service of God even more than you give your resources

Your growth is more! Your passion for the Lord and His cause is more! Your impact in this world with the Gospel of Christ is more!


Your generosity towards the work of the Gospel of Jesus Christ will greatly and always count!

God bless you!

Yours in Him,
Jolayemi Adeniji
Pastor, The Identification Church

7th July 2022

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